Five Female Scientists Deserving of Recognition

There are so many amazing female scientists out there that you might not know about. It’s important for young people to have role models in the field of science that they can look up to. This is why many of these scientists deserve more recognition. Continue reading to learn about five female scientists that are deserving of recognition.

1. Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin was instrumental in helping to discover the structure of DNA. The discovery was made possible because of her work. She learned about X-ray crystallography in Paris and took X-ray images of DNA while studying the topic.

She showed a fellow scientist named Maurice Wilkins the images one day, and it led to him figuring out that DNA has a double helix structure. Without her work on the topic, this discovery wouldn’t have happened. Many feel that she deserves just as much credit for the discovery of the structure of DNA.

2. Dorothy Hodgkin

Dorothy Hodgkin won a Nobel Prize in 1964 for perfecting the technique of X-ray crystallography. She also determined the structure of insulin, vitamin B12, and penicillin. Her work was very important, and many people went on to make further discoveries based on her work. She was an honored scientist who even got her own stamp issued by the British Royal Mail to celebrate her life.

3. Barbara McClintock

Barbara McClintock studied at Cornell in the 1920s and did important work in the field of genetics. She’s responsible for pioneering the study of corn cells. During her studies, she determined that genes could move within and between chromosomes. Conventional science wouldn’t confirm her findings until the early 1980s, but she was awarded a Lasker Prize in 1981 and a Nobel Prize in 1983 for her achievements.

4. Irene Curie-Joliot

Irene Curie-Joliot worked alongside her husband Frederic Joliot in the lab. They’re famous for discovering artificial radioactivity. She and her husband received a Nobel Prize for their discovery. Irene’s mother was also a great scientist who won a Nobel Prize and that gives them the distinction of being the first parent and child to independently be honored by winning the prize.

5. Lise Meitner

Lise Meitner had to fight to be able to pursue academic endeavors. In her early years, women were barred from higher education in Austria, but she didn’t give up wanting to study radioactivity. At age 21, she started studying at an Austrian university. She wound up being a crucial factor in the discovery of nuclear fission.

She worked alongside a scientist by the name of Otto Hahn. Hahn learned that uranium atoms were split when bombarded with uranium. Meitner calculated the energy released during the reaction and came up with the name nuclear fission. This discovery won Hahn a Nobel Prize while Meitner’s contributions were overlooked.



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President of GNM Ventures LLC and ADA University Foundation, Galib Mammad has dedicated his life to helping others succeed. Visit today!

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Galib Mammad

President of GNM Ventures LLC and ADA University Foundation, Galib Mammad has dedicated his life to helping others succeed. Visit today!