Galib Mammad Discusses Dreaming Paper

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Below dreaming paper turned into a state-of-the-art campus in downtown Baku in just 5 years. Taped several years ago, this video takes one on a tour of that campus inaugurated in September 2012.

Dreaming Paper
Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA)

This paper is written for DREAMING purposes. Feel free to put down any dream that comes to your mind. This will try to describe a new site of ADA, provide initial facts about it and explain the vision behind it. It is written to initiate programming and master planning session with architects.


A building is not about aesthetic exterior looks only. How a space is designed inside that building is important. For it is that space, which will help foster the culture, spirit and environment of the school.

ADA is an academic institution based on student centered and Socratic pedagogy. Its mission is to build academic strength and intellectual potential. More than anything else, ADA thrives to cultivate new minds, new mentality and new generation of Azerbaijanis. These Azerbaijanis are creative, ambitious, and autonomous. They reason critically and think analytically. They are problem solvers. They learn from international faculty and study with international students to enrich their learning experience. It is about MINDS, stupid!

ADA will transform traditional teaching. It will foster new teaching methods, where lectures are replaced with intimate seminars, where students face each other versus staring at each other’s back, where you can see eyes and read facial expressions, where a professor is as equal as any student. A class is a board room, where each single student is an executive fully responsible for his/her uttering. And when that executive speaks, he or she is expected to offer solution versus speculate over a lengthy speech. A class is designed to enhance process and democracy. Everybody is equal inside a class, since all are judged by merits only.

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