The Most Relevant Nature Documentaries to Watch

Galib Mammad
2 min readMar 4, 2022


Nature documentaries can be amazing and teach you a great deal about National Parks, the planet, and the animals that inhabit it. Take a look at the most relevant ones to watch.

1. Planet Earth (2006) and Planet Earth II (2016)

You can watch these series on Amazon Prime, and the BBC Natural History Unit produces this one narrated by Sir David Attenborough. It is filmed in high-def, and it takes you to different habitats around the world and shows you the animals that live there. Planet Earth II shows you the planet through the eyes of the animals that inhabit it.

2. The Blue Planet (2001) and Blue Planet (2018)

These series are also available on Amazon Prime. They are produced by the BBC Natural History Unit, and they are the aquatic version of planet earth. They take you on a trip beneath the surface of the water to learn about the animals that live there. They also teach you about the harm humans are doing to the ocean.

3. Ice on Fire (2019)

You can watch this documentary on HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Now. In it, Leonardo DiCaprio balances the dangers of climate change with solutions to counteract carbon output. It offers numerous facts and figures on climate change, and it discusses ocean farming, urban gardening, and more. There are also a number of interviews, and they show how difficult this uphill battle is and what is at stake if nothing changes.

4. Dolphin Reef (2018) and Diving with Dolphins (2020)

You can watch these documentaries on Disney+. These documentaries explore dolphins, their behavior, the coral reef, and other creatures that live there. It is fascinating to see Echo, who is a young Pacific bottlenose dolphin, as he learns to survive and explores his environment.

5. Jane (2017) and Jane Goodall: The Hope (2020)

You can watch these documentaries on Hulu and Disney+. Jane Goodall has researched chimpanzees, and she has helped reshape our understanding of humanity through her work. It includes more than 100 hours of footage never seen before, and shows the beginning of Goodall’s research. This is a great way to learn about Jane Goodall and her transformation from scientist to inspirational activist.



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